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Adieu des Glaciers project, degree award goes to Jussara Zanoli

Adieu des Glaciers project, degree award goes to Jussara Zanoli

go to the Josera Zanoli From Saint-Christophe, graduated in Geosciences at the University of Turin with a thesis in Geomorphology and Cartography, Master’s degree award of 1000 € in the context of the Adieu des Glaciers project.

The award, promoted by the Forte di Bard Association – in collaboration with the University of Turin (NatRisk Interdepartmental Centre), Arpa Valle d’Aosta, Italian Commission for Glaciology, Safe Mountain Foundation, was presented on the occasion of International Mountain Day It is celebrated on Sunday, December 11th.

This recognition is aimed at students who have been involved in research and investigations of climate change in glacial regions; In this edition it has been evaluated Degree theses dedicated to the Gran Paradiso region.

It was the degree thesis that Josara Zanoli discussed as the subject of lGeomorphological analysis of the eastern slope of Testa del Rotor (Valgrisenche), with special reference to the deep gravitational anomalies of the Beauregard slope and key geoenvironmental elements.

“The subject has been studied in depth with careful bibliographic investigation and with a systematic, interdisciplinary approach, aimed at understanding not only the geometry but also the evolutionary dynamics of the phenomenon. – Jury comment – The geomorphological analysis also made it possible to identify and describe many geoecological elements of scientific and landscape interest, such as monuments glaciation, gravity and torrential modeling.The data obtained from field activities, aerial photographs and digital terrain models were detailed in depth, highlighting the high ability to analyze and synthesize the obtained results.The research methods that were properly identified and applied made it possible to achieve the goals envisaged in the letter effectively.”

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The work of the jury—made up of the president of the Forte di Bard Association, Ornella Badery, Michele Freppaz of the University of Turin, Fabrizio Troilo of the Safe Mountain Foundation, Igor Rubbo of Harp and Fiorella Acquaotta of the Italian Glacier Commission—was particularly challenging for the quality of the papers submitted by all. The four participants. With Josara Zanulli matchup Andrea Mainetti in Ferris, Hervé Blanc in Saint-Marcel, and Marta Zubi in Turin.