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Accountability Office agrees that SpaceX and NASA are right: Blue Origin and Dynetics requests for a lunar lander rejected

Accountability Office agrees that SpaceX and NASA are right: Blue Origin and Dynetics requests for a lunar lander rejected

A few days ago, in an open letter, Jeff Bezos He wrote to the NASA administrator to suggest a new strategy regarding money management for land of the moon From Artemis missions. The proposal was to exempt part of the costs from the space agency to allow for tendering with at least two competitors (plus SpaceX) for the first new human missions towards color.

But in recent days, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has also expressed its opinion, which has closed the related case. On the appeal filed Give blue origin NS dynamics. Thus, at least from an administrative point of view, the possibility of competition SpaceX To be able to get more space for land of the moon.

The lunar lander for Artemis missions will be built by SpaceX

The Government Accountability Office ruling that change the strategy NASA (from two competing proposals to one, where he won SpaceX) is legitimate and therefore it will not be necessary to reopen the challenge for contract assignment as well blue origin (e al National Team) ea dynamics.

In the Official press release reads like “The Government Accountability Office initially concluded that NASA did not violate the law or procurement regulation when it decided to award only one award. NASA’s announcement stated that the number of awards the agency would award would be subject to the amount of funding available for the program.. […] Advertising reserves the right to award multiple prizes, one prize, or no prize. Upon reaching the decision to award it, NASA concluded that it only had sufficient funds to award the contract.”. […] The Government Accountability Office then concluded that the evaluation of all three proposals was reasonable and consistent with applicable procurement law, regulations and advertising terms.”.

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Moon landing Artemis

In view of the items in the bid and the budget constraints of NASA As for its satellite programs, according to the Government Accountability Office, everything went smoothly. SpaceX It turns out winner Dela contract Give $2.94 billion. However, it should be noted that other contenders may have “their space” If they can demonstrate the necessary technical skills.

In fact, hold NASA A test mission (unmanned) and a manned mission are planned where the lunar landing will actually take place. Subsequently, new bids will be proposed for individual tasks that can be assigned to new companies. and for this dynamics I have announced To respect the choice of the GAO and that in any case it will continue to develop land of the moon.