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According to rumors, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be less powerful than the Steam Deck.


According to the latest rumors, The Nintendo Switch 2 will be less powerful than the Steam DeckNintendo’s new console will be able to reach lower frame rates than Valve’s handhelds, while it may offer higher resolutions.

In fact, the Switch 2 is designed to work in docked mode. much higher frequencies Compared to the portable mode, since in the latter case the focus will be above all on energy efficiency to ensure a certain type of autonomy.

Specifically, it has been reported that The Nintendo Switch 2 will run at 5W in handheld mode. With a fanless dissipation system, while in docked mode it will move between 15W and 30W and will be supported by adequate cooling.

In direct comparison to the Steam Deck, these features will translate to: important gapTitles running at 90 FPS on Valve’s portable, for example, on the Switch 2 will cap out at 60 FPS, while those running at 60 FPS on the Steam Deck won’t go above 40 FPS on Nintendo’s console, with VRR improving the whole deal.

Specifications Compare

As we know, Nintendo Switch Technical Specifications They talk about an APU with an 8nm manufacturing process, 8GB of RAM (although there has been talk recently of 12GB) and a battery of an as-yet unknown capacity.

steam surface

As for the Steam Deck, we know that the device is equipped with: 6nm APUAnd 16 GB of RAM and a 40 Wh battery that aims to guarantee an autonomy of two hours.

In short, the comparison on paper seems to go exactly in the direction described by these latest rumors, but Obviously we will need to see the official devices. Above all, the supported features in relation to DLSS technology, which will really make the difference.

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