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According to experts, this is the must-have plant that purifies the air in the house

According to experts, this is the must-have plant that purifies the air in the house

Not everyone knows how much purifying indoor plants can help keep us healthy.

Indeed, inside our homes, due to our daily activities, harmful substances can be concentrated.

It is important to open windows to let air in Rooms Or use an air purifier periodically to help us.

In addition to being ornamental plants, plants are often a no-cost solution that many don’t think of.

According to experts, this is the must-have plant that purifies the air in the house

Araucaria was discovered on Norfolk Island and for this reason it is also called “Araucaria.”Norfolk Pine“.

Araucaria heterophylla is a species grown as a houseplant and has a majestic habit.

The leaves turn into pointed, prickly needles that can take on a slightly lighter color if you are indoors.

This plant needs a bright location but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Its height in the pot reaches two meters, even if its growth is very slow.

According to a study by Wolverton, green plants also seem to have the ability to purify the air while keeping us healthy.

Green plants absorb the toxic substances emitted by various cleaning materials and products and convert them into oxygen.

In this way we will improve the air quality as Araucaria is an extraordinary purifier capable of absorbing formaldehyde particles from the air.

From March to August, the plant survives in the vegetation and generally produces new stages.

We just have to remember to wet it twice a week, and let the ground dry out between watering.

In winter, watering will be less and fertilizing will be done every two weeks.

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However, regular spraying is necessary to counteract the dry air that comes from active heating in the home.

According to experts, this is a plant that should purify the air in the house in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Curiosity of

Plants can also help us in case of unpleasant odors in the house because they are able to absorb them in a natural way.

There are absorbent plants such as dracena marginata or sansevieria that can help us in case of wet, animal or kitchen odors.


Few people know that to remove mosquitoes and flies in one step, it is enough for this plant to be known to all

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