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We suggest Programs Which we’ll seeFall 2021 On Rai networks. The 2021-2022 TV season, Starting in September, is dedicated to Many confirmations And very little Ads.

Fall 2021 – Rai Programs 1

back One morning, But it probably wouldn’t be led by Marco Fritella and Monica Giandotti. Given the low ratings recorded this season, the Director of Rai 1 Stefano Coletta He thinks about renewing the format by dividing it into two parts. They will entrust various conductors.

At 9:55 pm he came back Eleonora Danielle With Italian stories e Antonella Clerici, 11:55 pm, with the second edition of It’s always noon.

Even the afternoon schedule remains intact without change. In fact, we find it again at 14:00 Serena Burton With Today is another day, Followed by new episodes of the hit series Ladies’ Heaven. At 17:00 he came back, too Alberto Matano With live the life.

at Early evening Game offer has been confirmed the legacy With Flavio Encina. Amadeus Instead, it goes back to conduction The usual is unknown nell’access peak.

As for the programs that are broadcast in weekendAnd the Marco Lyorni Come back on saturday with Yes, Italy Who expects the broadcast at 14:00. On his image Instead he will give the streak to The Legacy.

In September they are also back Tiberio Tempere e Monica Sita on head One morning in the family. Finally confirmed Mara Veneer With Sunday at e Francesca Vialdini With free.

RAI Programs Fall 2021 Alessandro Cattelan

Rai 1, prime-time news, Catilan arrive

Some Ads Instead, they relate to On-air programs In the early evening. Alessandro Cattelan arrives at Ray In September with the show From the greats. It was initially scheduled to start broadcasting in the spring but has been postponed to autumn for organizational reasons. Before landing on Sky Cattelan he was on the cast That’s football … From 2009 to 2011, editions were conducted by Simona Ventura on Rai 2.

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Amadeus Instead, it also prepares a new one A show dedicated to 1970’s and 80’s music.

I am finally Has been confirmed This and what they show With Carlo Conte e Dancing With The Stars With Millie Carlucci. After last season’s success he also returned The Voice Senior The show is for those over 60’s.

RAI Programs Fall 2021 Your Facts

Ray 2 fall 2021 news

in September Rai 2 The program returns Michelle Guard Your facts. It has been confirmed to run Giancarlo Magali But we don’t know who will support it yet.

In the afternoon, from Monday to Friday, he returns, but without Bianca Joaxero, no sooner said than done. However, in the early evening, prof New competition Conducted by Giancarlo Magali.

In the early evening Instead it is provided to them Some news. The variety will be broadcast in September Free all With Benno I am studying Docu reality, with a working title, the Apprentice. The return of D. the college.

L ‘Thursday appointment with informationWhile that Moves in late evening After the low plays 1920s. At the same time slot they return Pierluigi Diako With the new version of I hear you e Valerio Londini With Emmanuella Vanelli at A piece of Londini.

As for the weekend programming Samantha Togney Come back on Saturday morning with tomorrow is Sunday. The second version of Raw 14 With Milo Infante. Paula Perego Instead the experiment ended with Red thread, Prof. New program It will broadcast on Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm Getting to Rai 2 Also CheckingIt was broadcast on Rai 1 from 1977 to 2002.

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Finally, according to rumors, Those who are football He should be slipping Monday early evening. However, their operation has been confirmed Mia Siran, Luca, and Paolo.

What weather programs

Ray 3 Fall 2021, Affirmations

related Rai 3For now at least, all major network software appears to have been confirmed. They should actually come back Agora, send me three rays, Elixir and Geo With Sviva Sagramula.

Prime time, on the other hand, is back Report, Kartabianca With Bianca Berlinger e who saw? With Federica Ciarelli.

Moreover, in September, he is back on a Saturday afternoon Massimo Bernardini With TV talk. On Sundays instead Half an hour more With Lucia Annunziata And the Kilimanjaro With Camila Raznovich. It was also finally confirmed what’s the weather like With Fabio Fazio.