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Abarth Offshore, a motorboat with pure adrenaline performance


Abarth It continues to amaze everyone, as the brand celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2024 and has decided to launch Abarth NavyThe boat was presented as a world premiere at the “Top Marques 2024” event. that it sport steamboat, Aggressive, bright colors and exciting performance. In short, it is a ship full of pure adrenaline, which at first glance may seem to many to be something else. Its bold hull is already ready to take to the sea, promising elegance and comfort.

A speedboat surprises us

If you see an Abarth 500 hurtling across the sea, don’t worry, it’s just an optical illusion. Indeed, at first glance, the Abarth Offshore looks like a Lingotto model placed in the water, but with a fundamental difference. It is not moved by four wheelsBut a 230-horsepower engine and Riva racing exhausts are able to get it going with ease. The most important difference is that it is not a car, but a… Speed ​​boat.

Designed to celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, the Abarth Offshore is inspired by the sporting heritage of the Scorpion, a motorboat that brings Abarth closer to the maritime world. Presented by Car Off Shore, designed with input from the Fiat and Abarth Style Centre, with a focus on The sporty character of the brandAggression, bright colors and exciting performances.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the distinctive feature of Abarth hot hatches is remembered. The entire body of the marine car is characterized by sporty lines and a hard roof, which surrounds the passenger compartment and protects the driver with a versatile bonnet system, a distinctive trademark of Abarth convertible models.

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With its green metal hull, which iridescent in the sunlight, and dark hazelnut detailing and stitching, it’s an icon of style on the water. The pair of seats are sporty by Besenzoni, and are equipped with a comfortable quilted leather backrest, a matching pair of 4-point safety belts and a Wave Shock-lined steel support base.

Abarth Offshore, Limited Series

A motorboat will certainly be in Italian waters in the summer of 2024, but it will only be in production within a short period 500 unique and fully customizable examples. The ideal vessel for those who want to add sportiness and exclusivity to their sailing experience, Abarth Offshore is suitable for all needs and can be further customized with fishing or sporting equipment.

To ensure more space on board, the aft deck includes an elegant steel staircase, while a comfortable double sundeck is located at the stern, for the comfort of guests on board. Elements created using high-quality materials are present throughout the ship, from Synteak faux teak with customizations to handrails that follow the bold lines from stern to bow.

Talking about comfort is related to performance and benefit Motor boat designed by Aparth, included equipment includes a Garmin stereo system with RGB LEDs, four Fusion speakers, and a subwoofer that uses the dashboard as a sound box. Then, thanks to advanced technologies, Abarth Offshore allows customers to do just that Move in complete safetyExperience exciting sensations and enjoy unparalleled comfort.

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