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Abandoned case news

Abandoned case news

We still talk on the net about Silent Hill, Hbandoned, Konami, Hideo Kojima, and Blue Box Games Studios…but what do all of these things have in common? Let’s do a little review.

Announced a couple of months ago on the PlayStation Blog pages, Abandoned is a cinematic survival horror It was developed by Blue Box Game Studios and is set to arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5. A series of coincidences and statements by the developers have sparked some speculation according to it. The new Silent Hill will be abandoned by Hideo Kojima: Blue Box denied it, but Other evidence ignited the debate.

As if that weren’t enough, yesterday Konami thought of throwing more fuel on the fire: Through the official account of his store, he announced Arrival of new merchandise In a teaser, he revealed, with a closer look, clear references to his horror movie series. Well, after a few hours, confirmation arrived in the form of another image that left no doubt (you can also look at it at the bottom of this news): Konami Store is already going to Sell ​​new items related to Silent Hill. So far there does not seem to be anything strange, but the Japanese house does everything to excite its players. First of all, on his Instagram profile, I attach the photo in question to the comment: “Something big is coming”. In addition, he also highlighted a comment from the user who wrote “Abandoned Silent Hill”. At the moment we are writing the message, it is no longer among the pins on Instagram, but there is a screenshot that proves it. In addition, a screenshot of an alleged conversation on Twitter between a user and a Konami store is also circulating, with store managers inviting the player to stay informed regarding the Silent Hill restart. in all this, Even Jeff Kelly seems very interested in the matter….

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It’s clear that Konami is stepping on the wave From the new trend in Silent Hill born of combinations with the abandoned. Meanwhile, a rumor also started circulating on the network that Konami and Hideo Kojima started following each other on Twitter again. It is clear from our verification that the publisher has always followed the game’s designer and that at the moment there is no reciprocity: Konami does not appear in the next section of Hideo Kojima’s Twitter profiles, and therefore we feel no desire to give credit to this latest rumour.

As the online discussion continues, we’re looking forward to something really tangible. Abandoned gameplay will be revealed on Tuesday 22nd JuneSo the truth is only a couple of days away…or at least we hope so!