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Abandoned cargo ship “Eimslift Hendrica” ​​threatens to hit land

The powerless cargo ship “Emslift Hendrica” ​​is dangerously approaching the Norwegian coast. Experts warn of oil spills A new rope attempt should be launched soon.

A cargo ship traveling violently in the North Sea must now be brought out of its predicament in the open sea as soon as possible. The Norwegian Coast Guard announced Wednesday evening that “Eimslift Hendrica” ​​was in danger of hitting land on Thursday night. Hans-Better Mortensholm, director of readiness, said conditions had changed in the afternoon and evening, which is why there are concerns that the abandoned and unpowered cargo ship may not go the previously calculated route.

According to officials, an attempt should be made late in the evening to tow the ship. At the same time, they are preparing for the awkward situation of running “Emslift Hendrika”. Evidence has been gathered to deal with oil spills. Mortensholm said the region has particularly vulnerable natural areas and does not want to be subject to oil pollution.

Bad weather prevented recovery Wednesday

First, “Emslift Hendrica” ​​has to get out of trouble on Wednesday. At night two towers came aboard. According to the plan you have to pull the cargo ship ashore during the day. However, it was initially postponed to Thursday due to bad weather in the afternoon. It was said at the time that the risk of the ship sailing at sea was very low.

Before the cargo ship could be towed, emergency services had to be brought aboard by helicopter to connect the tow lines. At around 9.30pm, management announced that rescue workers had now arrived on board. Not long ago, the ship was sailing ten nautical miles (18.5 kilometers) off the coast. According to the Coast Guard, this means it could land in about eight hours.

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About 350 tons of solid fuel oil on board

According to the Coast Guard, the towers were chartered by the shipping company from the Dutch salvage company Smith Salvage. Smith is a subsidiary of Salvage Rescue Company Poscalis, which recently oversaw the recovery of “Ever Given” in the Suez Canal.

The 112-meter-long “Emslift Hendrica” ​​of the Dutch shipping company Amasus Shipping was sailing from Bremerhaven on the Norwegian coast to Colveride. It was listed as severely inflated after bad weather and parts of the inventory changed on Easter Monday, setting an emergency signal. The crew boarded the plane by helicopter on Monday. Then late Monday evening the ship lost its propulsion power. The cargo ship contained about 350 tons of heavy fuel oil and 50 tons of diesel.