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Abandoned and hairless “Eve” bear is reborn into a new life: after seven years she is unrecognizable


When Eve, a baby bear with no hair left, was rescued and reclaimed, it was Christmas Eve 2017. Someone had abandoned her (a circus? A repentant admirer of exotic animals?) and she was sifting through the waste in a trash can. She was clearly malnourished and completely hairless, clearly in pain and definitely sick. The veterinary team at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, which treated her in Murchison, Texas, confirmed that it was “one of the most difficult cases we have ever treated.”

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By Isabella Amato

In his new home, Little Bear was able to benefit from important and planned rehabilitation, which aims to fix severe vision problems and other ailments and clinical suffering, including mange. Day by day, the little girl grew and became better: she regained her weight, her fur began to grow again, and her desire to experiment became more and more evident.

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“As for the wild bear, she immediately showed that she appreciated her new comfortable life – smiled the volunteers who helped her on a daily basis. After an initial period in a large cage, he had several hectares of land to explore and many opportunities for recreation, as well as excellent and continuous care. His strength also improved His physical endurance is remarkable.

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There is no doubt that without the intervention of the dedicated team Eve would not have survived. However, it is now a completely different animal, almost unrecognizable compared to the suffering and mangy specimen that was found: in a photo published by the shelter in recent weeks, it can be seen large, with thick, healthy fur, climbing one of the many trees that it loves Try it. That “naked bear,” as he was called, no longer exists. Today, there is only the wonderful Eve.

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By Isabella Amato



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