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A year after the attack, CGIL’s march, ten propositions in the streets – the economy

CGIL in a square in Rome, one year after the Borsa Nuova attack on the Corso Italia headquarters. March for the national CGIL demonstration “Ask Italy, Europe for a job”. Among the banners there was one on safety, “Enough of the carnage at work” and a large peace flag.

10 Proposals of CGIL

CGIL calls on Italy and Europe to put work and social justice issues back at the center, and the next government will resume the agenda His ten propositions. Among the points of the Decalogue: increase of salaries and pensions; conveying uncertainty; Introducing a minimum wage linked to the collective wage and representation legislation of national agreements; A “real” tax reform is not “progressive and redistributive” (affecting extra-profits), flat tax; safety in the workplace; The need to guarantee and promote global action to combat poverty, such as a national income; Make the pension system more flexible by overturning the Fornero Act; Set a ceiling on bills; Plan for investments and renewable energy autonomy.

In the evening, at the end of the event (from 7pm to 10pm) an extraordinary opening of the Corso d’Italia headquarters is planned, with guided tours. For the event, reconstructed works by artist Ennio Calabria, who were damaged in the attack on October 9, will be presented. The opening will continue tomorrow (from 9.30 to 13) and will include a round table with the general secretaries of the CISL and the UIL, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri and Gianfranco Pagliarulo, president of ANBI.

“With #Cgil these two days commemorating the anniversary of the neo-fascist attack on the National Headquarters,” the Democratic Party secretary writes on Twitter, Enrico LettaIt will be in Corso d’Italia today at 19:00.

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The bota answer is Meloni-Orlando, then FDI precision

“We are experiencing a contradiction in which the left – currently in government – is still taking to the streets “against the policies of the Meloni government” in the current catastrophic situation, but our goal will be to restore the future, vision and greatness to Italy. We will finally turn the page soon “writes the president of the FdI on Facebook , Georgia Meloney.

“I reply to Meloni that he does not listen to the demands of the trade union. Today the CGIL only asks to continue a method that represents social dialogue and confrontation with the world of work in all European democracies. This is because he thinks it is right to support this slogan,” said the Labor Minister. Andrea Orlando Participation in procession of CGIL. The Minister was reminded that a year ago the CGIL had asked for the disbandment of neo-fascist groups: can we expect this from this government? “It seems unlikely to me, but it could be. This is a country full of surprises.”

“CGIL has said in all directions that the presentation of its platform, so it should start asking itself what answers to the proposed problems instead of the past,” said the former general secretary of CGIL and now a member of the Democratic Party. Susanna CamusoHe answered Georgia’s words from the procession.

“It should be noted that Georgia Meloni’s post on Facebook this morning has nothing to do with today’s CGIL demonstration in Rome., which was apparently not organized to protest against Maloney. The position of president of the FdI, in fact, refers to the demonstrations organized in recent days in various Italian cities, among others, images of Meloni were burned in the square, “said Fratelli’s press office in a note. d’Italia.

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