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A wintry weekend, with snow even on the snow plains between Saturday and Sunday; Forecasts »

Weather: A wintry weekend, with snow even on the plains between Saturday and Sunday; Predictions

Weather forecast for the weekendA full winter weekend awaits us, with very cold and even snow at very low altitudes!
The reason for everything Storm of Thor It already is Strong winds, thunderstorms and snow are raging across Italy and will intensify into the weekend and decide Severe consequences Between Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January.
Cold currents of polar origin entering from the Rhône Gate (south-eastern France) will keep instability strong throughout the weekend, continuing to feed the cyclonic vortex.

during the day Saturday 21st January will be possible Snow up to the Marche, Abruzzo and Molise coasts, Beaten by the cold winds of Bora. The danger instead of thunderstorms, due to the differences between the various air masses, above Puglia, Calabria And Sicily, And risk cannot be avoided Sleet: In the latter areas snow is found at very low altitudes, inland up to low mountains (350/500 meters).
The diagram below, with recent updates, confirms this possibility: in Pink/Purple Areas of danger are marked SnowWhile among those highlighted with BlueIt will rain.Rain is expected on Saturday, January 21Rain is expected on Saturday, January 21The weather is again stable in most areas Center-North Even though the climate here is colder and colder: the minimum temperature will decrease and move towards me -4 degrees Celsius at night and early morning In a city like Turin, Milan, Bologna, Vicenza And Padua. Possible frosts are also a Florence And Rome Where the teeth are chattering with values ​​around zero!

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Sunday 22nd We will have more Severe bad weather in the south and Sicily With heavy rainfall and strong winds. The possibility of some snow up to the Adriatic coast during the first part of the day can be seen from the map below (colour Pink)Rain is expected on Sunday, January 22Rain is expected on Sunday, January 22Subsequently, as the hours go by, the weather will remain very unsettled in most areas, but southern Puglia and the Ionian coast will see heavy rainfall. The snow reserve will continue to settle up to 5/600 meters.