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A whole new type of nebula has been discovered which is amazing

A whole new type of nebula has been discovered which is amazing

the Nebulae are true artworks of the universe. Recently a team of astronomers reported the discovery of a new type of nebula around binary stars that they decided to name “Galactic Emission Nebula“.

At the center of discovery we have the binary star YY Hya, which is made up of an orange dwarf and a white dwarf. The two stars are located inside a shared envelope Gas emitted from the star that eventually became a white dwarf. However, within this common envelope, both stars continue to evolve as if they were suns.

Within the gas envelope, the nuclei of the two stars are practically undisturbed and trace their evolution as independent individual starsThe study’s lead author, Stefan Kimeswinger of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, said in the journal Astrophysics and astronomy. The amazing thing is that This envelope is more than 15 light years across.

The main cloud is 15.6 light-years in diameter, nearly a million times greater than the Earth’s distance from the Sun and much larger than the Sun’s distance from its nearest star. Since the object is located just above the Milky Way, the nebula was able to evolve largely unaffected by other clouds in the surrounding gas.Finally, Kimeswenger says.

Speaking of nebulae, here it is The Mystery Behind The Blue Ring Nebula.

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