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A wave of SMS from Poste Italiane: attention to detail

A wave of SMS from Poste Italiane: attention to detail

A simple SMS from Poste Italiane can be very dangerous. Attention should remain high because it is a scam.

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Just a few days ago there police station alerted my citizens Scam received via a message specified as Package scam. Today, a new alert has been proposed that uses the name Italian Post. This is another phishing attempt, actually fraudIt is carried out via SMS. Unsuspecting victims receive a message with disturbing content, give in to fear and follow the indicated instructions by giving the scammers easy access to their personal data. Specifically, the latest scam by the name of Poste Italiane is illegally spying on the movements of the unfortunate who fall into the trap.

Beware of SMS from Poste Italiane, they are hiding a scam

Poste Italiane victim of scam As well as all citizens who have already received or will receive a text message in the name of the Italian company. The mechanism put in place is called phishing and provides automatic creation of a message that wants to go through an official Poste Italiane connection. The content invites the recipient to click a link to solve the problem given in the text. purpose is Sensitive data theft User to access and unload cards and accounts.

Latest scam containing text”An unusual entry into Belgium was revealed; Do you disavow him?The sender is PosteInfo – or at least that is the impression – and invites victims to pay attention to the fraud – as well as insult the injury – and solve the problem By filling out a form.

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How do you recognize deception?

Identifying fake SMS is simple by knowing Misleading text. Moreover, you should always be wary of emails or messages in which you are asked to enter personal data. If you have any doubts, it is recommended to contact Poste Italiane customer service and ask for information. Never give in to the fear of card and account problems without first Check the honesty What is stated in the text of the message.

The SMS of the most recent scam reported with the sender Poste Italiane invites, as mentioned, to fill out a form by clicking on a link. Following in this sense will be redirected directly to a page specially created by the hackers to advance the fraudulent intent. Never click, therefore, or follow other indicators in the message but Immediately report the phishing attempt to the Postal Police In a way that prevents unsuspecting victims from falling into the trap.