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A vortex centered over northern Italy on Sunday, with more rain, strong winds and snow.  Forecast « 3B Meteo

A vortex centered over northern Italy on Sunday, with more rain, strong winds and snow. Forecast « 3B Meteo

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The trick is The vortex approaches It will bring widespread bad weather conditions to Italy and lead to a focus on northern regions on Sunday. At that time the North-west will be to leeward Larger gaps open compared to perturbed currents but other parts of the peninsula A Unstable or chaotic weather regime More showers and thunderstorms. There will be some snowfall At slightly lower altitudes than Saturday in the Alps and Apennines. Let's see how it works:

Sunday weather: NordLarge openings in the northwest and central Alps are popular, while elsewhere there is intermittent but heavy rain and no rain. Nev 1200/1400m in the Eastern Alps. Total accumulations of more than 20/30 mm are not expected by the end of the day. CenterEven the particularly large ones, along the Adriatic between Lower Marseille and Abruzzo, are erratic with intermittent rain and clear spells. Nev 1500/1600m above. Total accumulations do not exceed 20/39 mm. Suth, unstable or disturbed in the Tyrrhenian regions and Sicily, heavy rain and thunderstorms inland, high openings over the Adriatic. It is gradually improving in Sardinia. Accumulations peaking at 50/60 mm between Campania and Calabria are still significant locally. Nev Not below 1600/1800m. temperature They will return to the average across Italy, with a little more decline everywhere.Wendy Even stronger with storm surges on exposed coasts.

Want to know when it will rain in your area? Find the section dedicated to precipitation maps >> here.

If there is a risk of flooding/flooding in severe bad weather or storms, there are certain behaviors to avoid serious hazards, including not underestimating the power of water on the road during flooding. Learn more. >> here.

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