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A virtual sailing school to learn to sail from home

A virtual sailing school to learn to sail from home

A virtual sailing school to learn to sail from home

NauticEdone of the largest sailing schools in the United States, announced a partnership with marine versethe Australian pioneer of virtual reality (VR) navigation simulation, to jointly introduce the first virtual reality (VR) sailing course.

The VR initial sailing course, Self-Mastery, was developed by the two companies and features sailing training that balances authenticity and entertainment in a fully immersive virtual sailing experience.

To participate in the course, a virtual reality system, which costs about $ 400, is enough. Composed of four sensors and VR goggles, this allows the student to immerse themselves in virtual reality and find himself on a boat with all its maneuvers.

The course helps you learn how to set the sails, manage the boat’s speed and navigate. The virtual boat reacts to wind conditions and every decision the student makes, providing instant feedback. More complex modules are also being developed to teach docking maneuvers in ports and night navigation.

How do you make navigation less difficult and open to all sailors? How can seafarers continue to learn to apply what they have already learned in practice?

Judging from these questions, Grant Headifen, president of Nautic-ED, believes the answer lies in virtual reality.

“We believe these systems can revolutionize the way sailing is taught – says Grant Hedvin. – As anyone who sails knows, the art of navigation requires theoretical knowledge, practical skills and a lot of experience. Virtual reality brings all aspects together, engages and entertains, and pushes the boundaries of The user’s imagination is safe and without a great deal of time. Above all – Grant concludes – Virtual Sailing allows you to train at any time of the year regardless of weather conditions.”

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The creation of the Virtual Surfing course comes on the heels of the surge in demand for online courses during the pandemic. Nautic-ED calculated that these grew by 43% in one year.

The union of these two big companies, Nautic-ED which specializes in sailing courses aimed at obtaining international certifications and Marineverse, a company that specializes in creating virtual games and already operating in the world of sailing, has given life to what can truly be appropriately developed to be a valid form of education. , at least in some phases of this.

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