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A Starlink train is visible in Italy this evening. Here’s how to see it with the naked eye


Often when you look up you see strange lights in the sky in a row as if it were a train. Well, these are not aliens But simply Starlink satellites. Essentially a constellation system of satellites intended to provide global internet coverage. This system is ideal for rural and geographically isolated areas where Internet connectivity is unreliable or non-existent. The owner of the system is SpaceX With a purpose Create a global broadband network Starlink uses a constellation of low-Earth orbit (LE) satellites to provide high-speed Internet services.

A Starlink train is visible in Italy this evening.  Here’s how to see it with the naked eye
Crane Starlink

SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp., is a private rocket and spacecraft company founded by Elon Musk in 2002. Tonight’s Pass (May 23, 2024 at 9:04 p.m.) It will be visible from west to southeast Then rely on your smartphone’s compasses to determine your position (this step will take about 5 minutes, but we advise you to determine your position a little before that). In the next paragraph, you can download those cities of yours (if the clip has not yet been selected, try all day). Here’s a map of Rome this evening (just for example):

a map Starlink Tonight, May 23, 2024 at 9.05 pm (Rome). Credit: Heaven Above

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It’s very easy to find out Where and when these satellites will be visible from your city. The quickest way is to call the website The sky from above Choose your city at the top right. Once you’re done, select “Starlink Steps” from the menu and you’re done (if it doesn’t appear, try later during the day). Obviously, maps with time and date will be available for download. This site will also allow you to discover the steps From other satellites And all the corridors of the International Space Station (ISS) Happy “hunting” everyone! Here is a video clip of the clip:

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Last night's Starlinks pass: They cut through the belt of the constellation Orion

Many of you ask us, “What is that train of lights that crosses the sky every now and then?” We are here to answer you, giving you the opportunity to monitor the passage of Starlink satellites when they are visible from Italy. Although they are useful tools and the sight of the train in the sky leaves you speechless, there is a downside as well. When you see these “beautiful lights” in the sky, remember that they are a form of pollution. They’re like beautiful, iridescent reflections of diesel in a pool of water: beautiful colors, but they highlight chemical pollution.


In fact, let’s remember that satellites are a dangerous form of night sky pollution. Their high brightness, even when not visible to the naked eye, causes very great harm to professional and amateur scientific research, contaminating the data collected by telescopes and often making them unusable, even in places freed from normal light pollution, as In Chilean observatories. Hawaii and Canary. The large and ever-increasing number of satellites in low orbit also makes the risk of catastrophic collisions between satellites increasingly present which could lead to a chain reaction effect such as rendering these very precious orbits unusable (Kessler Syndrome). The proliferation of satellites is making clear night skies a thing of the past, even in the remotest places on Earth free of light pollution from artificial lights.

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