Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A space for meeting and discussion: a new library is born in the heart of Ballaro


Palermo. “The Mediterranean has always been a bridge between cultures, a space limited and at the same time open to the world, where religions, philosophies, literatures and scientific knowledge were formed. A sea that divides and unites at the same time, a sea that we consider ours, but which always belong to all. Next to our school, there is a square that arose from the commitment of citizens and associations who transformed the waste dump into a shared space. This square was called Mediterraneo, specifically to emphasize the fact that this is a meeting space. Our library, like this arena, should become a meeting place and a place to build bridges between cultures. That is why we suggest calling it an adjective“.
students Benedetto Croce Scientific High School It is with this impulse that they choose to connect Mediterranean LibraryThe Newborns Library was inaugurated yesterday morning, Tuesday, December 20, and is located in the Great Hall and in other places within the Institute on Benfratelli 4 Road in Hotels area Palermo, born thanks to a loan from the capital city.

In this way, the book legacy that the school had acquired over the years and had never been made available for consultation became usable. Now the books have been re-catalogued and the library will be open to school students and also – above all – to the local area from January. Students will in fact be able to use them in the morning and on Wednesday afternoons access and consultation of the volumes are free for all.

We have written another project for the Ministry of Youth Policy, and if approved, the library will open every afternoon – He says Dario LibriziOne of the teachers who watched the whole process – This is a space that aspires to become a meeting place for everyone“.

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At the opening ceremony, yesterday morning (Tuesday 20 December), there were also representatives of all the schools of the historic center. “At the moment we have cataloged about 1,500 books, – Librizi continues – But there are still more or less five thousand more to be cataloged. The books date mostly from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. There are books on philosophy, history, social sciences, science, mathematics, art, Latin, Italian, French and English literature“.

In addition to Dario Librizi, the teachers who have dedicated themselves to reopening with enthusiasm and dedication are: Isabella Tondo, Amalia Sclebuti, Gabriela Giangreco, Sara Giordano, and Paolo Ventimiglia. “We also got booq advice and support (blibliofficina of Kalsa, ed.) – concludes Librizi – And we helped the girls and boys in the PCTO (Transversal Skills and Orientation Paths) with whom we were particularly involved in creating the library, teaching them how to catalog and involving them in creating the library. This PCTO is conducted in collaboration with the University of Palermo“.


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