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Salvione (Corsport): "Tridente Inter spaventoso, ma quello Juve ...."

“A scary trident, but Juventus is one….”

Pascual Salvion, director of the digital version of “Il Corriere dello Sport” spoke on “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Radio. Below, an excerpt compiled by the editorial staff.

Italy can be recognized as the cemetery of elephants: is this true? “The main gap with other leagues is certainly the economic aspect. In the Premier League they have managed to strengthen the product, and the lower-ranked teams have certainly a higher economic budget compared to the Italian teams. Lukaku is high – a player of extraordinary quality and influence, but at Chelsea he did not find In agreement with Tuchel. Matic is the choice of experience, it will certainly be important for Mourinho. There is a big difference between Serie A and the Premier League mainly, but some economic difficulties are also shared by other alloys.” Dybala and Lukaku close to Inter: How do you equate a trident in Serie A? “It is a frightening trident, and it has some of the best Nonieri skills and perception in the world. However, if we analyze the future trident of Juventus (Di Maria, Vlahovic and Chiesa), it is probably also due to the ability of the coach that, in my opinion, is better than that. So On paper, the Nerazzurri’s offensive management is undoubtedly better, but perhaps in terms of compatibility they are better than Juventus.” As for Napoli, Fabian has ended up in the crosshairs of some Premier League teams: which player could he replace? “As for the quality of the player, I think it is difficult to find a replacement worthy of Fabian, Spalletti has always praised this player for his skills, but Antonin Barak, who has important offensive characteristics, could represent a suitable replacement. The Czechs gave a lot to Verona, the right profile could be that It is located within the ideal economic parameters of Naples. Despite the numerous opinion polls, it is difficult to reach concrete today. At the moment there are no offers made to Napoli for Fabian and other players who want to change the landscape.” It seems that Mertens agreed to take a salary cut in order to stay in Naples: is this real news? “This news does not come to me, we have to wait and check. I hope De Laurentiis knows that he can make important maneuvers to lift the blue square, relations between the two parties are at an all-time low. The renovations from Koulibaly and Mertens will delight the fans, represent a meeting point with the field and give meaning. For the club’s transfer campaign. It is necessary to reduce the distance that has been created in recent months between Napoli and the people of the Azores.” Should Mertens decide to stay, will Deulofeu’s hypothesis be ignored? “I don’t think so because Gerrard can cover different offensive roles. Moreover, Deulofeu’s arrival can be determined by the sales of other Azzurri, also because it falls within the technical and tactical parameters of Napoli.”

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