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A revolutionary discovery has been announced in the Milky Way: then we will know everything

A revolutionary discovery has been announced in the Milky Way: then we will know everything

We often talked aboutevent horizon telescope and his extraordinary abilities. Just remember that in 2019 he was an author The first photo ever taken of a black hole. Now, his abilities have led to a groundbreaking discovery relating to our galaxy.

Like a thunderbolt out of blue, European Southern Observatory (ESO) and Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) announced an extraordinary press conference less than an hour ago, where – as stated in Official press release – It will be reported Incredible and revolutionary discoveries about the Milky Wayour galaxy.

Nothing has been said about the nature of this discovery, but it is very likely that it has something to do with the nucleus of the Milky Way, possibly with The supermassive black hole that lives there, Sagittarius A*.

It is no coincidence that in April 2019 the EHT took part in the image of the M87, which was considered by many experts and enthusiasts Scientific picture of the century. Event Horizon has since undergone profound improvements, and the network of observatories and telescopes that are part of it have been so enhanced that its new results could dwarf what shocked us so much in 2019.

The imagination runs fast, and everyone hopes that the protagonist of this new discovery is a* Sagittarius, very powerful but also well hidden by the thick blanket of galactic dust that intersects between us and the Heart of Darkness. But we’re not sure, and we’ll have to wait longer to find out more since then Scientists maintain absolute secrecy.

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But when will they tell us what this amazing discovery consists of? The conference will be broadcast online on ESO’s official website And on the ESO YouTube channel at May 12th at 3:07pm Italian time.

Adding to the excitement even more is the fact that the “revelation” will take place not only in the Eridanus Hall, at ESO headquarters (Germany) but also at digital press conferences scheduled to be held simultaneously for every part of the world, ie from Washington DC, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Tokyo and Taipei .

In short, another two weeks and we’ll really know what it is; Whatever the nature of the discovery, it will still be something very coolAnd we’ll be here to tell you all the details.