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A quick test that does an extraordinary job will come in just 30 minutes! »

COVID and InfLUENCE: There’s an upcoming rapid test that does an extraordinary job in just 30 minutes!

A quick test is able to identify them in just 30 minutesIt’s coming from the rock A revolutionary rapid test for the COVID antigen AndInfluenza A/B In countries that accept the Ce sign and are able to do something unusual, which is to recognize various viral respiratory infections.

test The common antigen largely distinguishes, in quick detail, COVID from Influenza virus A and B . infectionAnd With results ready in less than 30 minutes, enabling informed decision-making about patient decisions and epidemic management.
Small, inexpensive, and tool-free analysis suite allows for Appropriate use for healthcare professionals At different points of care and in places with limited resources.

A test to distinguish between Covid and influenza, as reported by the newspaper Huffington PostWorks perfectly with marine pass, The digital solution from Roche that allows individuals and healthcare professionals to instantly store, view, and share COVID test results and vaccine status through a unique data matrix.

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