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A new study confirms this


An international research team has shown that the rotation of the Earth’s inner core is actually slowing down. The phenomenon began around 2010. What is happening and what are the possible consequences.

A new study confirmed that The inner core from Terra It actually is slowing down Compared to the classes mentioned above. the phenomenon It has been widely discussed by scientists, also in light of the possible consequences, so several have been developed over the years Models Able to show what will happen in the “heart” of the world planet. Now we finally have unambiguous evidence of that slowdown rotation It’s really been going on and it started about fifteen years ago 2010. Fortunately, we shouldn’t expect apocalyptic scenarios in Hollywood, although experts can only do so for now. hypothesis About what might happen. The most reliable is Variation in day length Just a few milliseconds, so no need to worry. These are clearly very complex mechanisms to study and understand, which scientists will investigate for a long time.

To determine that the Earth’s inner core has been slowing down since 2010 compared to coat – After decades of acceleration – an international research team was led by scientists from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Department of Geosciences at the University of Southern California, who collaborated closely with colleagues from Cornell University and the University of Utah Institute. The researchers, in coordination with Professors Wei Wang and John E. Vidal, to their conclusions after analyzing Seismic data Follower Frequent earthquakes s Doublesi.e. seismic events that occur at the same generating site The seismograms are identical. Specifically, the seismic data collected before South Sandwich Islands, for a total of 121 recurrent earthquakes that occurred between 1991 and 2023. The data has also been enriched with related seismograms Nuclear tests Conducted by the Russians, Americans and French in the last century.

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To determine how the dynamics of the nucleus has changed, in very simple words, researchers investigate how the dynamics of the nucleus have changed Seismic waves These generate very energetic events across the planet; Because they arise from identical events, differences in waveforms over time can indicate differences in the velocity and rotation patterns of the inner core compared to the more superficial layers (the Earth’s mantle and crust). A previous study by Peking University, based on repeated earthquakes that occurred between the South Atlantic and Alaska, for example, had determined that the Earth’s inner core would not only slow down, but slow down. I stopped then Reverse direction of travel. Remember that the core of the Earth is located approximately 5000 km Deep from the surface and too complex to study; It consists of a Solid inner core (Mainly from iron H Nickel) and from A Liquid outer core, linked to gravity and with the same composition. The latter is responsible for Earth’s magnetic field Which, among other things, protects us from deadly cosmic and solar radiation.

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Credit: USC Graphic/Edward Sotelo

Credit: USC Graphic/Edward Sotelo

From analysis of seismic images conducted in the new study, as shown, it became clear that the inner core is actually slowing down compared to what happened decades ago. The double patterns show that the inner core “rotated progressively hypertonic from 2003 to 2008, and then from 2008 to 2023, rotated two to three times slower backwards along the same path,” the researchers wrote in the study summary. “These matches allow precise and unambiguous monitoring of the advance and retreat of the inner core,” they added. “When I first saw the seismograms indicating this change, I was puzzled.” Professor Vidal said in a press release. “But when we found twenty other observations pointing to the same pattern, the result was unambiguous. The inner core had slowed for the first time in several decades. Other scientists have recently supported similar and different models, but our latest study provides the most convincing solution.”

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It will cause slowdown Mixing the liquid outer core Of iron and nickelGravity attraction Printed by the densest parts of Semi-rigid coat above. The redistribution of masses on the ground can be linked to its role Climate changewhich affects Melting snow Thus, it changes the planet’s shape and rotation. As shown, only hypotheses can be made about the consequences of this slowdown, but the most credible hypothesis is a change in the length of the day by a few milliseconds. Nothing to worry about, exactly. According to a recent study, the Earth’s core would be “encased” in ancient structure derived from the ocean floor, while another study found that the true inner core would be another solid sphere located just 650 kilometers inside the already known core. Details of the new research”Internal core rollback by seismic waveform change reflections“It was published in nature.


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