Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A mysterious space globe crashes in Mexico, and scientists don’t know what to think (photo)


On the night of July 31, a strange ball that appeared to be made of a metal and plastic alloy crashed into a tree in Veracruz, Mexico. According to the testimonies of the citizens, it came down from the sky without burning, but it did emit a certain sound.

To deal with this event, Isidro Cano Luna, a TV meteorologist, posted a photo of the object on Facebook. It looks pale yellow, soft and barely larger than a beach ball.

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“A specialized team of the Mexican Navy and/or Minister of National Defense should collect it and hand it over for special study,” he wrote in the post.

On the ball there is an antenna and a detachable token. There seems to be no way to open it. Of course, under the publication and in various sites and magazines, the debate about the possible origins of the world has been unleashed. Maybe a piece of a Chinese satellite crashed in the Indian Ocean some time ago? unknown.

The blog UFO Sightings Footage reported that cameras spotted three silver balls flying over west London on July 12. Their ability to change direction without any noticeable mechanism fueled the idea that they were an alien technology.

We will have to follow this news to find out more and hope to get interesting updates as soon as possible.

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