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A mother of two children died at the age of 34


Froilanes Merez Rivas Roman, a 34-year-old Venezuelan woman, was struck by lightning while on the beach in Cartagena, Colombia. He was there on vacation with his family. The tragedy was filmed by a swimmer with his smartphone.

A woman was killed in Colombia by… Lightning While walking on the beach with his family. One of them filmed the horrific scene with his mobile phone: V video He appears Froilanes Merez Rivas Roman He was literally engulfed in a ball of fire for a split second, before falling to the ground, probably dying instantly.

The tragedy occurred hours after the authorities issued a warning about bad weather conditions, urging citizens to take the necessary precautions.

The events took place at Bukwila Beach Cartagena. The video shows a long streak of lightning extending from the sky, one of which strikes the woman, a Venezuelan citizen and mother of two children. Meanwhile, the swimmer runs to help her, but for Froilanis there is nothing left to do.

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According to the authorities, she died Cardiorespiratory arrest. The 34-year-old woman had arrived in Cartagena with her family the day before. Froilanis had a clothing company he ran on Instagram.

According to JIt is used to combat and prevent diseases The chance of being struck by lightning is one in a million, but approximately 90% of victims survive. in Colombia There were a fair number of casualties due to lightning. According to the Santander Industrial University, the South American country’s large number of mountains and open plains make it “vulnerable to electrical discharge.” The experts explained, “These conditions make Colombia the region that witnesses the highest lightning activity in the world, which increases the number of deaths and injuries due to this phenomenon, especially in rural areas.”

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