Saturday, July 20, 2024

A line of hail and thunderstorms will touch high pressure and impact Saturday and Sunday


A weekend between sun and storms

A revitalized Azores will be affected by the traffic of a twin storm surge over the weekend, even with a counter storm ahead..

In the last 24 hours, the weather picture has improved significantly across the national territory after a stormy and cold phase for the season.
The Azores counter-cyclone has arrived to clear the clouds and risk, however, it will be short-lived, ensuring that its interference with our Mediterranean summers is increasing. When already Weekend In fact it would be forced to give way at least to the north where it comes from Saturday 6 July Transient air intrusions of Atlantic origin will cross the first storm pulse.

So the weekend will see Italy split in two
. While the south and central regions will enjoy stable and sunny weather, some parts of the north will once again face significant instability.
Already in the morning, ominous clouds gather in the western Alpine mountains and provoke Light rain. As the hours go by, the atmospheric picture will further deteriorate, with showers and thunderstorms, which will initially affect most of the alpine and pre-alpine reliefs and progress towards the plains between afternoon and evening, especially on Piedmont, Lombardy and upon the northern parts Veneto.
Caution should be exercised during thunderstorms in these regions Considering the differences between the transient Atlantic air and the pre-existing heat. Air masses of different origins can form this mixture Severe thunderstorms with strong winds, heavy rain and localized hail.

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Thunderstorm activity will weaken to moderate during the following night. However, this is only a short respite Sunday 7th July Classified by a paragraph Second storm pulse It will bring considerable instability in the same regions. Attention will be given Piedmont, LombardyIn the Midwestern DistrictsEmilia And above most Trivanetto: These areas, especially in the afternoon, are the scene of many events Showers and thunderstorms Locally available strong intensity.
Good weather will continue to shine in other parts of the country, where a new approach of an African anticyclone will contribute to rising temperatures.
This will be a prelude to what awaits us there Next week: Actually it seems to be confirmed now African heat has returned across the country.

He spoke on the topic Antonio SanoFounder iLMeteo.itWe asked What we can expect from the first weekend of July in terms of weather.
From Saturday 6 July, we expect sun and heat in most areas: due to the subtropical origin of the air masses, an increase in temperature is expected, especially in the central-south and in the two large islands, peaking up to 35 degrees Celsius. Be careful though, a disturbance passing through Central Europe could touch part of our country and disrupt the atmosphere significantly.

Will heavy rain and thunderstorms return?
Yes it is. The northern regions will find themselves in a kind of “convergence zone”, in which air masses of different origins interact: on the one hand the African heat, on the other the cold and unstable currents descending from northern Europe. It is precisely in this “no man’s land” that the biggest and most dangerous conflicts occur with the extreme risk of local hail and violent winds (terrible falls: linear winds from storms up to 100 km/h) .
Maximum attention should be paid to Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige.
On Sunday, July 7, the echo will further increase its strength over the center-south and the two large islands: so a new warm phase will begin. In particular, in Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily, the maximum temperature will be between 36-37 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. A different story for the north, where after the heat of the first part of the day, the risk of violent storms will increase again in the afternoon, first in the Alps, then rapidly expanding to the Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto plains.

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Can you give us some previews of the expected weather for the next week?
In the second week of July the African anticyclone will begin to return across the country: therefore allowing room for greater atmospheric stability for all, but also for increasingly warm temperatures and high humidity levels.


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