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A kitchen with a modern and very practical design: it will look like you are in a restaurant, thanks to the appropriate lighting

A kitchen with a modern and very practical design: it will look like you are in a restaurant, thanks to the appropriate lighting

It can be difficult to light a modern kitchen, perhaps in a wide open space, but there is an ideal and versatile solution.

Modern kitchens are increasingly designed to resemble Clean, functional, no-frills environments for restaurant kitchens. Just like inside professional kitchens, in modern kitchens Studying lighting is absolutely essential.

It becomes reality Lighting design is essential So that it can meet all the custom usage needs of the kitchen.

To give a very practical example, in traditional kitchens we simply use it Lighting point near the table Where we eat meals. mostly The stove and workbench remain in the shade Or it is not lit enough, which is the case for kitchen professionals An unforgivable mistake.

Precisely for this reason, especially when the stove and worktop are located on an island within the kitchen, they are often Pendant lamps arranged along the entire island, In order to accurately illuminate working and cooking areas.

However, it is clear that this type of lamp is not necessarily nice to look at and can be rather boring from a design point of view. One of them was recently designed as an alternative to boring pendant lamps A beautiful and unconventional solution To customize kitchen lighting to very high levels.

Modern kitchen lighting: versatility is key

To design a revolutionary and completely customizable lighting system, called Plus minus, It's the brand Vibia The system depends onUse a belt that acts as an electrical cable Its length can be customized based on customer needs.

Kitchen lighting as a restaurant

One of the possible uses of Plusminus by Vibia – Instagram source @arinniestudio –

Along this strip it is possible Hanging and moving different types of lamps That they have Transient episodes which are bypassed by the belt in question.

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Lamp models produced for this system are: sphere and hemisphere, lights, cone and rod, Similar to old neon light.

Once you do this Pass the lights Along the belt, you can easily place it anywhere on your work surface. Buy avatars too Adjustable spotlights It will also be possible to direct the light exactly where you want it to be illuminated.

It will also be possible to determine the shape and location of the lamps Choice of different colors and finishes In order to make each lighting system completely unique. All items are easily washable.

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