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A huge asteroid discovered a "planet killer" and is heading towards Earth: "If one day it hits us, a mass extinction will occur"

A huge asteroid discovered a “planet killer” and is heading towards Earth: “If one day it hits us, a mass extinction will occur”

The situation will not be from the end of the dinosaurs, But it certainly does spark some interest. In fact, a group of astronomers claim to have discovered a huge asteroid who – which crosses the Earth’s orbitAnd the. asteroid is called 2022 AP7, by a team of researchers searching for space rocks within the orbits of Earth and Venus. write on “Astronomical JournalScott Sheppard, lead author of the study and colleagues at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington say they have found three “rather large” asteroids, one of which – 2022 AP7 – is crossing Earth’s orbit, making it a potentially dangerous (potentially hazardous or PHA) asteroid. ). with Its diameter is between about 1.1 and 2.3 kilometersThe team says the 2022 AP7 is the largest PHA discovered since 2014 and possibly 5% of the largest ever discovered. Any asteroid more than one kilometer long Considered a “planetary killer” (Planet killer),” Sheppard said, adding that if such an object collides with Earth, the impact would be devastating to life as we know it, with dust and pollutants rising into the atmosphere, where they will remain for years.

It is likely that the Earth’s surface will cool down significantly due to the fact that sunlight will not reach the planet. it will be youn mass extinction event As if it had not been seen on Earth in millions of years.” While the 2022 discovery of AP7 may bring to mind harrowing insights, the study also offers reassurance.”She has no chance of hitting Earth right nowSheppard said, noting that 2022 AP7 crosses Earth’s orbit when Earth is on the other side of the sun. Sheppard added that the asteroid will slowly, over time, begin to cross Earth’s orbit closest to where our planet is. But he said:This will happen in centuries And we don’t know the orbit of 2022 AP7 with enough precision to say much about such future risks.” Sheppard explained that the team expects to find “some” NEOs 1 km or more away in the next year or two through their surveys, which The Blanco telescope is used in Chile.

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