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A hot African stop! This time a revival is coming across Italy


Weather: African Heat Stops! This time a revival is coming across Italy

The temperature will drop to 10 degrees Celsius in the next few days

Hot stop. At least temporarily. The general circulation is changing in our country due to the effect of cold air masses, which will not only bring an increasingly significant atmospheric instability, but will also be the basis of a decisive cooling..

We are ex-players of one Sunday, June 30 It was still warm for most of the country, especially in the south and Sicily, where temperatures have again touched the threshold. 40°C. It was consistently warm in the center and north, near the peaks 32/33 degrees Celsius in cities like Rome, Florence, Bologna and Ferrara.
However, especially in the northern regions, the first signs of change were felt due to the arrival of slightly cooler and above all less humid air masses.

Change of route
From the start Monday 1st July A further cooler air mass from the North Atlantic will begin to feel its effects, causing unsettled weather and the first heat relief, starting from the northern regions. The update will then be gradually extended to the center and south in the following days Temperatures will be very different by Wednesday, July 3 compared to the last few daysValues ​​will be as low as 10 degrees Celsius, especially in the north and center as we go through the maximum Values ​​unlikely to exceed 35/36°C to 24/25°C.Maximum temperature differences between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd July 2024

July 2nd, 2024 Maximum temperature difference between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd
Next, let’s say from Thursday 4th July, high pressure is expected to return, bringing more stable weather conditions. However, despite a recovery in the heat front, temperatures will remain at less extreme values ​​than in recent days, closer to what is usually recorded for this period of the year.
It’s thanks to us being surrounded by an Avenger High pressure in the AzoresIt is, unlike its close relative AfricanDue to high ventilation and low humidity ratio, low compressive heat is determined.

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In short, for a few days it will feel like you’re enjoying an old-fashioned summer break. The sun will touch Always ruledAnti-oceanic Or more cheerfully called “the good anti-hurricane”.

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