Saturday, July 20, 2024

A helicopter rescues her a few centimeters from the waves


A Basque police helicopter carried out an amazing rescue of an Italian tourist, according to what the local press reported, who was trapped between the Flesch rocks…

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A Basque police helicopter carried out an amazing rescue operation for a tourist, according to the local press, an Italian who was trapped between the Flesch rocks in Zumaia after high tide. According to a statement issued by the Basque government’s security department, the woman was walking along a path on the cliff when she became isolated by the ocean waters.


A video shared on social media shows a paramedic lowering himself from the plane with a rope and, despite strong winds, managing to extricate the woman who was lying on the steep rocks, now just a few centimeters away from the waves that would soon submerge her. Ha. According to local press, a passerby notified emergency services.

The Basque Government’s Sea Rescue Directorate has therefore mobilized several units, including the Maritime Red Cross, firefighters and local police patrols. In the end, it was decided that the only way to save her was the intervention of a helicopter with members of the mountain section of the monitoring and rescue unit on board. Once the woman was rescued, she was transported and treated by local health services, and shortly afterwards, she went to San Sebastian Hospital

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