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"A great relationship with Ronaldo"

“A great relationship with Ronaldo”

Sergio Ramos renewal

What I know is that Real Madrid will compete in all competitions and we will do it with the best possible team. I have arrived now and I will speak with Sergio Ramos in the next few days but I don’t know the details. He’s a very important player and key to all the success he’s had here. I couldn’t imagine Real Madrid without Ancelotti and it happened. The comeback was so quick I didn’t have time to talk about the team. I know the players well and would love to work with them again. We will see what the future will be in the coming days. With the best players, winning is easier. Individuality gives you something more. But balance and being able to play together is important“.

Ancelotti’s promises and about Lozano in Real…

“What do I promise? Same things as last time. To play well, to make football more strong and organized because I like to play in an attacking and amazing way, because that is also what the fans and the history of Real Madrid demand.”. I know the team well, the loanees, the youth teams. I want to keep everyone calm and calm. The first time I was here, four players like Jesé, Casemiro, Morata and Carvajal arrived from Castilla. In the coming days we will plan well for the team to compete on all fronts. I have my affection for Bale, Marcelo and Isco but I can only say that they are real players and I will try to motivate them. I saw the president a little while ago and we talked for a while. We will start working in the next few days. I thanked him because being here is very important to me. Lozano? I love him but I can’t say if he can be in this Real Madrid, we will have to make a lot of assessments“.

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Ancelotti: “I’m not the same as I was six years ago, I have more experience”

Carlo Ancelotti is not what he was six years ago, and I have more experience. I was very happy at Everton, but negative experiences are also good for growth. I have a very good team with very experienced and efficient players. In detail, we will have to reduce the squad and we will decide in the coming days how to do that, as well as for the members of the technical staff. If there is Raul? We’ve only talked about the contract right now, and it’s all been so fast“.

Ancelotti’s words on Benzema and Bale

“Benzema should play and score 50 goals, not 30. Vinicius also has to score more goals. Karim is a great striker and he has made a lot of progress. I have a lot of hopes for some young players, the goal is to score but not just look for a striker who scores 30 goals.” The wings should be more prolific. You don’t need to buy a strong striker who scores a lot but you have to find a system with an attacking mentality. Let’s remember that this team has just come back from the Champions League semi-finals so you can fight for the title with the current team and the return of Bale, Odegaard and Ceballos Bale played a little but scored many goals. I know him well and he will come back here. If he has the right motivation he can have a great season, I have no doubts.”

Ancelotti: “Zidane? Everyone should thank him”

“I have more confidence facing this experience than the first time, less uncertainty. But happiness is the same. What can I say about Zidane! He won the Champions League three times in a short time, he fought to the end. Everyone should thank him for him.” football is like this, some come and some go, but what he did was great. I haven’t spoken to him yet, but I will. Zizou is a friend. Doubts after reading his farewell letter? I want to answer because I don’t know the relationship between Zidane and the president. I just I say that when Real called me I had no doubts.”

Words about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo

“I like Cristiano Ronaldo a lot, but I don’t like to talk about players in other teams. He has a contract with Juventus and it doesn’t seem right to talk about him. I can talk about the good things I want him and the happiness I have for that. An Italian journalist asked me if Cristiano is at the end His career, I replied he scored 35 goals. He will do it and he wants to do it, I think it could be his year“.

Ancelotti on Allegri and Conte

Allegri and Conte were also approached on the bench at Real Madrid: “They are very successful coaches. Conte won the title with Inter and Allegri beat Juventus. Compared to my friends these make me happy, Made in Italy is consistent. Everyone knows Real’s goal, winning the Spanish League, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League. Then criticism is normal for such a most-followed team in the world. If there is the honor of coaching this team on the one hand, then there are criticisms that must be accepted on the other hand.”