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A grandmother’s letter outside the nursery: “I want no one to judge”

A grandmother’s letter outside the nursery: “I want no one to judge”

Painful silence. That’s the title of a letter to Giornale di Brescia, a grandmother who has some grandchildren attending a school in Little England, where, yesterday afternoon, one-and-a-half-year-old girl, Sophia Argetti, She ran away and was killed She was with her grandmother in a car driven by another grandmother who was studying in class one in the same private school.

The tragedy occurred during rush hour, around 4pm, when children were leaving school. Here is the full text.

Today our whole school is sad.
What shouldn’t have happened happened.
What no one should see, unfortunately someone did.
I am also a grandmother.
Many days in this parking lot.
I really like it No one will judge the grandmother’s responsibility today Or they met at such a ridiculous time and at what time This only causes heartache for both families.
We can only learn that there is never too much attention and that we as adults must first accept that we cannot stop all evil.
Even if we don’t want pain in our children’s lives, it can be a part of our lives.
As a believer I pray to God that these families involved can one day find peace.
Anyone who can, please join us in this prayer above all for our children.
A grandmother

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