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A fire in Rome's Pineto Park has gutted homes and displaced residents.  Investigations on the malicious track

A fire in Rome’s Pineto Park has gutted homes and displaced residents. Investigations on the malicious track

A hell of fire and smoke. there capital It burns repeatedly in the northern quadrant. The first alarm went off at 2pm yesterday Pineta Sacchetti. Then the wind did the rest: the line of fire moved rapidly and inexorably up to 50 hectares towards Aurelio and then further north, The Park of Pinetto alla Balduina. Haunting houses, apartments, nursing homes, sports centers and convents. Later another front was opened towards the south of the city Coastline Then again I Roman palaces. 100 interventions budgeted across the region. Melting starts from sun-baked brushwood. But a malicious path has not been ruled out: investigations and investigations will be carried out in the next few hours.

Pineto’s Park

Firefighters tried to control the fire, but at around 3pm, residents saw the progress of the flames from the windows of the buildings along the Via dei Laterici, a few meters from one of the entrances to Pineta Sacchetti. Afraid to reach their homes, they took to the streets, filled pans and buckets with water, drenched balconies and gardens and waited for help: “We called several times, but the fire engines were late. It was so dangerous that we all left our homes,” says Letizia Biancini, who lives in Via Laterici.

As the fire continued to advance, it first burned hectares of greenery towards Aurelio and then reached Pineto Park in the center of Balduina. Residents have tried to protect residential gardens and terraces with sprinklers and sprinklers as the fire brigade has not arrived here either. Until the flames advanced very high behind the buildings. Carabinieri and police officers came to the rescue and ordered the closure of three streets (Via Papiniano, Via Proba Petronia and Via Appiano). Seven buildings have been urged to vacate. The elderly and infirm were taken to safety. 118 health workers also reached the spot. Local people rushed to the streets and rescued the dogs and cats. When the situation appeared to be under control around 6pm, the flames re-ignited in the Civil Defense Park via Papiniano.

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At that time, the helicopters activated for the emergency of Pinetta Sacchetti were diverted to the square between Aurelio and Balduina: they filled with water from the swimming pools of the nearby sports clubs and then “dropped” near the fire to control the spread of the fire. . Among the residents, there are those who have arranged themselves to spend the night with relatives and friends: “The air is unbreathable for hours, our houses are surrounded by fire. And then I am still very afraid “explains Francesca Dino, who lives in via Papiano:” I don’t want to sleep here with the fear that the fire will start again at night .”

Without substance

In the evening, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, intervened: “This is a worrying and widespread fire, with many triggers, and now there will be investigations to verify possible maliciousness,” he first commented on the conclusion of an investigation. Pineta Sacchetti and then Alla Balduina. Attention is very high in all risk areas in the capital. Also it accelerates the increase of men and is a means of dealing with fire emergency. According to data from the Civil Defense, compared to last year, the number of fires has already tripled: 400 fires were reported from June 1750 to 2021. This is why the plan to strengthen the rescue team is already on the table. A task force of firefighters and civil defense volunteers will be activated in the next few days. Specifically, twelve teams will be sent for a total of sixty more. For each group, equipment and tanker activation will be ensured: the first urgent and necessary action to control the emergency.