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A donkey that escaped from its farm years ago is found and greeted by a herd of wapiti


It has been almost 5 years since the first report on Diesel, the donkey who chose to live as a free wild animal. A new video from this year shows him with his new “family.” He now lives with a wapiti specimen

There is a donkey that is talked about throughout California much more than its peers. After he disappeared from his home, he was seen again 5 years later from that day. The latest report is recent and so is the donkey Always in the company of his new wild friends.

His name is Diesel and his story begins with a federal agency takeover Bureau of Land Management And adoption by a couple who runs a ranch in California.

Here Diesel lived until 2019. During a family trip, The noise scared the ass terribly. Diesel escaped and lost track of him. The couple searched everywhere for him, hoping that he would escape from there.

The first report arrived 4 years later, and now, 5 years after his escape, Diesel was spotted again, and like the first time, he was not alone. A hunter recorded a video in Northern California, filming a herd of wapiti.

Among them was a donkey. The video spread across social media and naturally reached its old owners.

The farm managers had no doubt. This ass can only be their diesel.

It was incredible, we finally saw him and finally knew he was okay. “He is living his best life, he is happy and healthy and we are happy to know that.” Comment I am because.

The couple has announced that they will not try to get Diesel back in the future because they intend to respect his nature, knowing that the donkey has grown up outside and wants to be like that.

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Seeing him alongside other animals, who seem to have welcomed him as one of their own, is reassuring. Of course, we can only hope that one of the hunters doesn’t put an end to this case by targeting the group and pulling the trigger.

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Source: Maxfinil/Instagram

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