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A denial teacher interrupts the Showa – Lombardi program


As the actress reads the number of victims, she shouts, ‘You’re inflating the figures’

“It’s your truth, say what you like, you’re completely inflating the numbers.” These were the rebuttal phrases that interrupted the pre-staged performance of the professor at the ‘Curie-Sraffa’ high school in Milan. Memorial Day at Spazio Teatro 89In the title, ‘Herr Doctor’, focused on the image of Joseph GoebbelsMinister of Propaganda of the Third Reich.

When the actress Beatrice MarzoratI, he began listing the number of people who died from the Shoah from the stage, and the teacher stood up and shouted phrases such as from the audience. “It’s your truth, tell me what suits you, you’re totally inflating the numbers”. “It’s history,” replied the actress, “Rather, it’s ideology,” replied the professor.

We tried to convince him To continue the show and resume the moment of confrontation at the end of the show – explained the actress to the microphones of TGR Lombardia – but she decided to leave the hall”.

The professor is no stranger to such posts. It was her schoolmates who reported the incident and wrote letters to the headmaster, staff, school council and the theater asking them to distance themselves from these denials. An apology came to the Spazio Teatro 89 from president Raffaella D’Amore, who explained that the episode did not represent the company in any way.

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