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A couple hosts a Ukrainian refugee, after 10 days the husband leaves his wife and children and runs away with her

A couple hosts a Ukrainian refugee, after 10 days the husband leaves his wife and children and runs away with her

A married couple decided to show a gesture of solidarity and therefore offered to host a Ukrainian refugee. But the man immediately fell in love with her, and she seemed to be with him, and so after only 10 days he decided to leave his wife and children and run away with the woman. It happened in England where Tony Jeanette, 29, left Lorona, 28, after falling in love with Sophia Karkadem, who had fled the horrors of her hometown of Lviv at the start of the Russian invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

As the tabloid says, the sun The man, who works as a security guard, had initially joined the government’s reintegration program last month, but since he was not assigned anything, he contacted someone on social media and offered her help. “It all started with a simple desire on my part to do the right thing and to put a roof over the head of someone in need, man or woman,” she told the newspaper. But as soon as the 22-year-old Ukrainian came to her house, something immediately clicked and the two began to attract each other and then things fell in love, and a little more than a week later they decided to elope together. “We’re sorry for the pain we’ve caused, but I’ve discovered a relationship with Sophia like never before. We’re planning the rest of our lives together. I know people are going to think this all happened too quickly, but Sophia and I feel it’s okay.”

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The man’s wife, Lorna, immediately noticed the close relationship he had established with Sophia, and eventually asked her to leave, but it was too late. He attacked Sophia, yelling at her, using harsh language that left her crying. She said she could no longer feel that she could be under our roof, and at that moment something clicked inside of me,” said Tony again, who then decided at once that he would live with the young refugee in his parents’ house, and now the two of them were looking for a new home together. So far more than 33,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in the UK sponsored by British families, and 68,700 visas have been issued out of the 84,000 applications received.

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