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A couple gives their dog Pantoufle to a pensioner left alone: ​​he kills him a few hours later


A terrible fate, mocking the little Belgian Maltese. And to think that his story seemed, at first, from the book of the heart. A beautiful story that turned into an incomprehensible tragedy. But let’s go in order. A 71-year-old pensioner, from Wannsee, near Liège, depressed and suffering from a loneliness difficult to overcome, received an unexpected gift, just a few days ago: a couple, affected by his difficult situation, entrusted him with the care of their dog, Pantoufle, four years old. At first for a few hours a day, then finally permanently, always with the promise of being able to meet him and come to him whenever they want. Husband and wife were convinced “there was an animal that would comfort him and could help in such cases.”

On the other hand, the old man’s words were clear and touching. “My old dog left me and since he died I have no news of my family and even my old friends,” he used to say, “I don’t see anyone here anymore. Having an animal can help me.” The words were also entrusted to the Belgian daily Sud Info. out of generosity. The extreme, given that he – in fact – would have shared Pantoufle with a pensioner in need of company and affection. Seniors in Wanzhi.

Kato has found a home, and a happy ending for his toothless cat with an always grumpy expression

by Naomi Pena

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“We really wanted to help this lonely man,” Matthias later explained with conviction. Introductions go well, and the new co-owner of the Maltese also lets some tears appear for the nod. Well, one last handshake and see you soon. Then go home. A few hours later, tragedy. Pantoufle is found dying. The couple contacts the elderly person to obtain information on how acclimatization will occur. The story of a bumbling and paranoid pensioner is an incredible one. Unable to bear the dog’s constant barking, and probably frightened and anxious about the absence of real owners, the man lost his mind and cut the four-legged throat.

Despite a desperate escape to his home, the Maltese is found dying. Devastated by pain and tormented by remorse, the couple could only recover the body. “We will bury him in our garden,” the only words they managed to utter in the heat. There is no information, at the moment, on possible prosecutions against the killer of the poor Pantoufli.


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