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A cold drop reaches Italy and the weather worsens in many regions. Evolution

Next hour weather: A cold drop comes in Italy and the weather is getting worse in many parts. Evolution

Expected time for the next few hoursSpring returns to stir our country and do so under the influence of someone Cold drop From northern Europe it can now infiltrate very unbalanced high pressure towards the UK. Using a small path at the height of the Rhne Valley, the cold air blows straight into the Mediterranean, forming a terrifying crater in the upper Tyrrhenian Sea. Weather forecast In some corners of our country.

The first effects will already be noticed The next hour As more and more compact clouds immediately envelop the mid-western alpine and pre-alpine fields, we expect the arrival of some scattered showers.
As the hours go by, especially from the afternoon, the clouds extend to other parts of the north and get wet with some rain in the evening. LiguriaThe PiedmontHigh Lombardy And the West Emilia. There will be a slight but general drop in temperature over most of the north, especially in rain-fed areas.

In other parts of the country, the weather will continue to experience greater stability, which guarantees a more sunny environment, even if injured. There will be exceptions Sicily And this Calabria We will record high clouds due to the hurricane cyclone that travels through the northern districts of the African continent.

Then, at night, the cold air begins to extend to parts of its transient influence center. Sunday Must be very uncertain for many parts of Italy.
Follow the next updates to find out in more detail what awaits the first day May.

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