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"A call to not vaccinate is a call to die."  Delta version, what Italy risks - Libero Quotidiano

“A call to not vaccinate is a call to die.” Delta version, what Italy risks – Libero Quotidiano

“A call to not vaccinate is a call to die.” Mario Draghi At a news conference after a standoff with government officials at the Clean Development Mechanism, he urged Italians to get vaccinated immediately, as quickly as possible. “Delta type of virus is threatened م, other European countries are ahead of us in injuries, but we have learned that without an immediate reaction, what we see happening in France or Spain, we should expect a repeat of the same in Italy, in the absence of measures – he explained -. Prolonged use of the green lane is not an act of arbitration but a condition of the openings.”

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Before leaving the floor a Roberto Speranza As for the measures outlined in the CDM, the Prime Minister wanted to say something about the vaccination campaign: “The speed of our administration, higher than that of France and the United States, and equal to that of Germany, should be assured. We want the summer to remain calm. The green certificate is a tool to allow Italians to continue their activities while ensuring that they are not among the infected. It is a procedure that gives serenity, not robs it.”

The Prime Minister then admitted that with regard to infection control measures, three issues remained out of discussion in the Cabinet that would be resumed “as soon as possible next week”: Measures to protect back to school, workplace and transportation. Just as it was decided to leave the nightclubs closed. In this regard, Draghi promised: “There is a complete agreement in the Council of Ministers to compensate discos“.

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Boldrini wants to vaccinate immigrants:

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