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A boy writes to a shopkeeper – Emilia Romagna: “I stole a chocolate egg”

From Switzerland to San Marino: I invite him back to visit us

“I received a registered letter from Switzerland, handwritten and with €10 inside, as a letter of apology from a father whose son allegedly stole a Kinder egg from me on a trip.” Danilo Chiaruzzi, the owner of a grocery store in downtown San Marino, tells it on social media and the story collects many comments and shares and some local media have news about it.
“I am shocked and this must be read by the many men who steal chips, candy or other every day, for fun or a challenge, I will respond with a postcard and an invitation to come back to visit our pet shaking his hand!” Contact the store owner. The letter is written in German and tells of a 12-year-old Swiss boy. “Sunday, May 30, I went to your store. Because there was no money, I stole a Joy Kinder egg. I’m very sorry, I know I was wrong. Because I want to live in peace with God and with yours, I attach 10 euros to forgive you..”

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