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A bonus of 200 euros for the unemployed and retired and how to request it

A bonus of 200 euros for the unemployed and retired and how to request it

The bonus reaches 200 euros in July not only for employees and the self-employed, but also for pensioners, seasonal workers, the unemployed and those with income from citizenship. One-time guaranteed, so only one time, for those whose total annual income does not exceed 35 thousand euros, the measure introduced with the aid decree affects more than 30 million Italians. In fact, they are entitled to:

– employees;
– self employed;
– retired people;
– holders of citizenship income;
– the unemployed who in June received unemployment allowance or Naspi;
– seasonal workers
Local workers.

Pensioners, retired and unemployed persons will instead receive a bonus of €200 directly from INPS or the social security institution from which they usually receive the check. The reward will come with the month of July. The unemployed person must have received unemployment benefit or Naspi in June.

The gross income limit of €35,000 will be calculated on the basis of all income received of any kind (including that which is tax-exempt, taxable at source or alternative tax). The following are excluded from the account:

– income related to the house and its accessories;
Termination indemnity (TFR);
– arrears of jurisdictions that have separate taxes;
– family allowances;
Comprehensive individual check.

The award does not generate income and cannot be transferred, withheld or withheld.

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