Thursday, July 25, 2024

A ball of fire opened doors and windows. Where did it happen – Libero Quotidiano


A ball of fire opened doors and windows: An unusually large meteor lit up the sky in southern Norway last Saturday night. Local media reported that some scenes were reported in Sweden. Many people had called the police to say Seeing very bright light and hearing loud noises.

Norwegian radio reported the news Nrk And the newspaper Vg. Some witnesses explained that the pressure exerted by the passage of the orb even caused the windows and doors to open. A local reporter – as he says I read – Will describe the show as A ball of fire lit up the sky.

In addition, according to reports, the meteor glow was visible in most of southern Norway and even in Sweden shortly after 1 am. Experts have speculated that several fragments of the meteorite may have fallen west of Oslo: Vigard Lundby, Dale Norwegian Meteor Network He said several searches are underway to find fragments. Fragments can weigh several kilograms and prove invaluable for studies. norwegian astronomer Figard Rica . said BBC That his wife was awake at the time. He felt the “air shake” before the explosion occurred Who thought it was something heavy falling near the house.

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