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‘A bad sign to get vaccinated doctors back to work’

‘A bad sign to get vaccinated doctors back to work’

Thirteen deputies of Forza Italia did not participate in the vote on the Rave Decree. The problem is not with measures to prevent illegal gatherings but with Article 7 about something completely different, which is to bring back doctors who don’t practice disinfection. A procedure not shared by many of the Azzurri who wanted – without prejudice to the approval of the decree – to give a nod to Fedi and Liga. Among them is Nazario Pagano, Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. “I have always fought for compulsory vaccination, especially for doctors. I could not vote this bill, it would have contradicted everything I said before. A doctor who has not been vaccinated testifies that he does not believe in science, ”says a deputy from Fi.

Is it necessary to extend the suspension of doctors who do not go to extremes?

“Yeah, not doing that is a bad sign, especially towards the many doctors who have lost their lives to the virus. I’m not just an opinion, it’s something I experienced at home. My wife is one of those doctors who has fought on the front lines, trying to keep people safe.” Alive they die like flies. And many doctors among them. A mark of respect was needed for their memory, a respect I have not for members of the medical record who think science is wrong.”

For her, this is a position that is incompatible with the medical profession.

“In my opinion, yes, absolutely. A doctor who does not believe in medicine cannot practice the profession. I will never allow myself to be treated by someone who does not have jaws.”

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Did they not return to their positions?

“I think it would be right to maintain the suspension until they provide sufficient evidence that they understand they misjudged vaccines.”

So he is also against “overlooking” fines for people who don’t fax.

Another negative sign, penalties paid. As you can see, there is coding behind administrative political procedures that you should pay attention to. There is a risk of giving the wrong messages to citizens.”

That is, whether or not vaccines should be made is indifferent.

“Especially if all this comes a few hours after the Minister of Health issued information warning of the dangers of a new Covid alarm bell.”

His concerns are widely shared by his party.

“At Forza Italia, we all agree. Obviously we are a majority, so let us bring our votes within the majority’s actions, out of loyalty. I first checked that my not voting would not be decisive, and shared it with my group leader, Cattaneo. Otherwise, I would have voted for him, but I made my thoughts clear.

Do you think there is a restricted area within Fedi and Lega?

There are undoubtedly different sensitivities. Forza Italia has always distinguished itself from its allies by a clear and unequivocal position, never denied by the vote in Parliament, on pro-vaccine policy and in favor of adherence. Lega and my delegation does ». What are his reactions? They have already started insulting me on social networks. It has already happened. It’s a no-fax world, this whole anti-science world is very active on social media. But then, when they get sick, they go to the doctors and take medicine…».

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