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85 million investment south of Naples

85 million investment south of Naples

business woman: Anna CanavacholoGeneral Manager of the Port and Private Advocate of Marina Darichi. After studying foreign languages ​​with a specialization in the United States, Anna joined the family business “Carfora e Cannavacciuolo”, which later became “Carcansped”. Specializing in international freight and transport activities with a particular focus on the maritime links between Italy and the Americas.

After years of work and responsibility, always in the field of international freight forwarding, logistics and port terminal. By gaining significant experience in business management, with ever-increasing positions of responsibility.

He co-chaired in 2009 the birth of Marina d’Arechi SpA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gallozzi Group SpA, an investment – today – of about 85 million euros.

Since 2011, he has been an Executive Director with the Marina Director position and responsibility in the Operational and Commercial Department.

Her determined, and far-sighted managerial inclination has always successfully achieved the company’s goals. His natural ability to assemble and motivate the entire team is fantastic, through team building and teamwork strategies. In the spirit of sharing paths and goals. She is also a member of AIDDA and a generous supporter of gender equality. we ask you to:

With 1,000 berths from 10 to 100 meters, Marina Darechi is one of the largest in the Mediterranean: how did you face the epidemic? What are the changes in your life as a women’s organization and entrepreneurs?

The virus has certainly changed people’s habits and affected freedom of movement. However, the restrictions imposed had less impact on the maritime sector. Because getting out on a boat is a protected way, as well as a nice way to experience the sea while respecting the rules of getting away. Marina Darichi has always been able to ensure a marina stop that makes you feel right at home, in complete safety and privacy.

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However, we have worked hard in these long months to ensure complete calm for everyone, from the boat passengers, guests and staff. Thanks to a very meticulous administrative organization, developed by our Security Director and updated in accordance with all government indications, everything has been implemented and continues to happen in the best possible way.

A marina like ours is designed in such a way that it is able to respond to events in an orderly and efficient manner. With the primary goal of making all our guests feel comfortable, even in difficult situations like the pandemic.

Sustainability is important. Caring for the environment is the foundation of designing and building your infrastructure.

Environmental sustainability at Marina d’Arechi is seen as a challenge that assumes priority, not just moral, for the company, its management and its shareholders. Mersina was born with a clear vision of development that put some core values ​​at the center: legitimacy, love of the sea, the environment, and its territory.

We wanted a place designed, designed, built and managed according to one common thread, combining technological innovation and perfect harmony with the surroundings. The challenge from the outset was to make economic development, and therefore social, linked to productive activities, as compatible as possible, while respecting, protecting and protecting the surrounding ecosystem, at sea and on land.

We started from the awareness that every major infrastructure work, bridge, highway, railway, and in our case an important tourist port, is always an inevitably invader in terms of the environment.

It is precisely this awareness for us that represents an assumption of responsibility: to reduce and rebalance the ecological deficit with the positives of industrialization.

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We have carefully chosen the location of the marina, its configuration, the materials used in its construction, the methods of its management and the involvement of the port community, always maintaining the principle that our environment is our home and our added value.

Her professional experience as a businesswoman is about the process of transforming thought within the ongoing economic and environmental transformation.

For me this question is not easy to answer, because in fact in Marina Darici we have been anticipating this transition for many years!

Since its inception, we have wanted a modern, sustainable and inclusive marina. We never stop looking for the best technological innovations that can support this process.

Today we are known for the intuition that made us imagine, at the beginning of 2000, a leading tourist port, in terms of infrastructure offerings and services. We also recently received the Social Responsibility Ambassador Award on the occasion of the Mediterranean Tourism Exchange. Thanks to the adoption of a three-pillar strategy, right from the design stage. Legitimacy, environment and community participation to protect and enhance the natural area.

Fortunately, the economy in recent years appears to be moving towards the universal values ​​of sustainability, innovation and inclusivity, which we have always sought in our business and which we believe are indispensable to achieving large-scale and lasting development.

What are your expectations for the future of the Navy after Covid?

We women did not stop nor stop!

In recent months, we have improved the access to the marina to make it more beautiful and practical, and implemented a food and beverage offering, with 6 restaurants and bars available for yachtsmen and the whole city, enriching the harbor village experience with moments of musical entertainment and many outdoor sports activities.

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The new frontiers of the cruise ports require a wider and more precise view. So we are working to ensure that Marina di Arechi is much more than the usual marinas, becoming a favorite meeting point, where you can spend your free time with great pleasure, in the context of beautiful landscapes. I think this may be the true essence of nautical tourism that is able to set us apart.

Moreover, we have already started to organize the 5th edition of the boat show, the Salerno Boat Show, which will take place from 2-10 October 2021.

Covid for us women only has been a catalyst to improve an environmentally sustainable and lasting company, in keeping with the times. Indeed, a company that strives for the importance of sustainability as a value, both in our lives and at work. Therefore, with or without Covid, Marina d’Arechi remains, a point of reference and a port of excellence in the heart of Campania.