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70 companies test 4 days a week and decide to keep it: "increased productivity"

70 companies test 4 days a week and decide to keep it: “increased productivity”

Nearly nine out of ten companies that tested the four-day workweek said they were willing to extend the new working hours beyond the trial period. This is what emerged from a survey of seventy British companies that participated in the experiment, and chose the “short” week for six months. After just three months into the long weekend, 88% of participating companies were satisfied with the four-day work week, and 86% said they would like to keep it even after the trial ends.

46% of the participating companies also reported that productivity remained ‘about the same’, while 34% reported a ‘slight’ improvement and 15% a ‘significant’ increase.

Activities that joined the initiative, the newspaper identified times, from fish and chip restaurants to large corporations in industries such as information technology, retail and construction. Experience started in june Which includes more than 3,300 workers promoted by the non-profit organization 4 Day Week Global, in collaboration with the Autonomy Research Center and researchers from Boston College and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. He also participated in the 4 Days a Week campaign, an organization that promotes a 32-hour work week without any pay cut.

“The positive feedback is incredibly encouraging,” said Kyle Lewis, co-director of the Autonomy Research Center. He added that the experiences of participating companies “could support other organizations and industries considering moving to a four-day week in the future.”

Only 4 working days a week, trying California

“It wasn’t a walk in the park at first, as there were absolutely no major changes,” said Nicci Russell, managing director of Waterwise, a company involved in the experiment. “Some weeks are easier than others and annual holidays can make that more difficult to adapt, but now we are more organized,” she concluded by saying that shortening the work week “was great for our well-being and we are already more productive.”

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