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52% of the population of Romania does not know the rules of safety in the workplace

52% of the population of Romania does not know the rules of safety in the workplace

“The population of Romania has little knowledge of the rules governing safety in the workplace and the public and private bodies that administer insurance against occupational accidents and diseases. Few know the exact number of ‘white deaths’ or accidents in the company.” This is what emerges from the survey conducted by Ugl Romagna during the survey campaign conducted in the squares of Forlì, Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna, with trade unionists asking citizens to fill out an anonymous questionnaire “on health and safety in the workplace”. “500 active workers, 300 retirees, 400 students and 350 unemployed people joined the consultation,” explains Filippo Le Giudice, Regional Secretary of Ugle Romania, who talks about a “reliable statistical ratio: 1,550 people equally divided among the four provincial capitals of Romania.”

work security

“From the survey – Analytics by Lo Giudice – it was found that 52% of people do not know 626, or the legislative decree of September 19, 1994, now Law No. 81 of 2008, to regulate workplace safety. Many said they were convinced that the law went into effect many years ago. The irony is that most workers who do not know the content of the legislation have already participated in safety training and refresher courses.” Returning to the survey data, it becomes clear: 99% of people are fully aware of what “undeclared work” is. While most people confuse Inps and Inail Jobs.

Accidents, an “underestimated phenomenon”

80% of those who collected our survey got the exact numbers of deaths and injuries in the workplace wrong – continued union -. There is an underestimation of this phenomenon, which is in fact, in our country and in our region in particular, very dangerous. In our country, reports of fatal work accidents were 1361 last year, but in Romania, those who filled out the Ugl questionnaire believe that the threshold of 200-500 deaths on average is not exceeded. Just as there is a gap between the real weight of accidents recorded in Italy (564 thousand were reported to Inail in 2021) and the estimate (about 2000) formulated by the citizens participating in the survey. A sign that the problem, so serious, despite being at the center of the political/institutional debate for years, is still poorly understood by citizens and workers themselves.”

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In the survey conducted by Ugl in Romania, there is a high percentage of unemployed young people who are waiting for their first job, who have not found an answer to the numerous approaches sent to companies, or who have never been contacted by special temporary agencies or public placement offices . “Demand and supply of labor seldom intersect. An indication that at the national level a process of reform of public and private administration subjects or the search for work should begin as soon as possible,” acknowledges Le Giudice.

Retirees and college students

In the survey conducted by Ugl Romagna, two issues also emerged that could and should be taken into account by administrators and politicians who are currently applying to rule the country. Pensioners deplored the paucity of social minimums and pensions (“With 400 euros a month you don’t live and don’t pay your bills, it was an aversion to the elderly in Ugl gazebos”); Young people and especially external university students- the headquarters complain about the exorbitant cost of rents (“450-500 euros per month for a bed and use of a shared bathroom and kitchen is an unacceptable speculation, said dozens of young people from the south, who now live in Romania to study”).

“These are two important issues that, in our opinion, highlight the need to adjust pensions to match the real cost of living and a doubling of services as well as accommodation in each city for university students,” concludes the Regional Secretary of UGL Romania, announcing the next survey among citizens “which will be concerned with citizenship income and employment prospects.” true for those receiving support.

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Pictured is Filippo Lo Giudice