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50th Hawaii State Fair, 2024


When you think of a state fair, you imagine the agricultural regions of the Midwest or Northwest. However, the 50 states also offer America’s favorite entertainment. The 50th State Fair is held at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu over several weekends from late May through July. All the traditional attractions are there: thrill rides, competitions, games, fair food and more. The Equinox is a great attraction at the ride area, featuring controllable spins and somersaults. The amazing zoo and circus area are kids’ favorites!

Circus Maceió features acrobatics and equestrian shows where animals and riders display amazing tricks. Over a dozen games are available, including the awesome Zipper and Wave Swinger. Typical fair foods include cotton candy, donuts, fried Oreos, Crazy Country Corn, Dippin Dots and more.

Tickets and food

The 50th State Fair is one of the largest entertainment events in the state. Admission ranges from $2 to $6 (20 to 60 credits), depending on when you visit. Children under 40 inches enter free. You can also try to get in for free if you’re one of the first visitors who can request a free ticket in Hawaiian: “I likiki kāniwala naʻu, ke ʻoluʻolu.” To recharge their batteries, guests can also try a delicious lunch from the vendors adding to the overall experience of entertainment activities.

Festival history

EK Fernandez Shows have been an integral part of Hawaii’s entertainment scene for over a century, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of families throughout the islands. Founded in 1903 on the territory of Hawaii, this third-generation family-owned company is dedicated to providing unforgettable entertainment experiences deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture and tradition.

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Over the decades, EK Fernandez Shows has evolved, adapting to changing times while remaining true to its commitment to providing unique and exhilarating entertainment for all. From thrilling rides to immersive attractions, the carnival experience offered by EK Fernandez Shows has become a beloved tradition, eagerly awaited by residents and visitors alike.

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