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50k for Fabi, Silvestri and Jazzy: “We, three baby boomers at Circus Maximus”

50k for Fabi, Silvestri and Jazzy: “We, three baby boomers at Circus Maximus”

A “little party” of 50 thousand. To celebrate, in one special evening at Circo Massimo, in the capital, the record released 10 years ago, but also and above all the friendship and familiarity between three artists. Niccolo Fabi, Daniel Silvestri H Max Ghazi They returned last night to enjoy the same stage after ten years of their trilogy project. Party Master. The live show at Circo Massimo, which lasted more than three hours, was not a repetition of an experience they considered to be over, but rather a tribute to that artistic and personal journey.

“Three like us, aliens outside the logic of the media, television, radio, three baby boomers who still make music, without the tricks of pre-recorded backing tracks, three accustomed to other dimensions, bringing 50,000 people to Circus Maximus… A “miracle”, they also seem surprised, brought together by a friendship that began when young artists looking for their place in the music sun performed at the siteIt is a historic club in the capital, not far from here, “a place with a strong emotional power, acting as an amplifier of the feelings of the music.”

We get it Party Master He dug something out, and so we’re here to thank those who continued to listen to him – as they say, behind the scenes in the old arena -. For us, that was therapy ten years ago, and this is like a booster shot of the vaccine back then to keep feeling better.”

Different, but united by a great passion that led them to be among the most representative songwriters of their generation. “After that experience, which kept us together for a few years, between discos, tours and solidarity campaigns, in a sort of holiday from our everyday life – say Fabi, Silvestri and Jazzy -, we felt better. It was important to see how a friend and colleague dealt with his work: it gave us new stimuli.” In a way, their individual characteristics became better defined and defined.

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“When you collaborate, even if you don’t want to, you are forced to highlight your strengths. But we are still compatible: like 30 years ago, like 10 years ago, like today. There is a great awareness of our identities and there is no need to expand them, to invade each other’s spaces, finding each other again after ten years was very simple.”

The three artists compiled their work from the past ten years into the tracklist.

There was no shortage of social topics, “without rhetoric, because we are talking about life and we are very concerned about what is happening, especially in Gaza.” The collaboration with CUAMM and emergency support at Circus Maximus were also renewed.

And with them on stage are six other historical musicians: Piero Montersi, Gianluca Messiti, Roberto Angelini, Adriano Viterbini, Dido, Ramon“We go without the umbrella of rules, which are now ready for such events. We represent a wonderfully outdated way of making music, and we are connected to our origins. Today with technology, children lose their physicality in relationships. And the stage has become a telephone.” Someone is an exception, like last Who gathered 200,000 people at the Olimpico alone. “He managed to get away from the wave of the independent trap.”

The three also have a certain familiarity with the Tenco Award (Silvestri is in the last five for best album of the year) which has ended up being the subject of a storm of controversy in recent weeks. “It’s a relic of the past that tries to change, and it has its own power. Sanremo has changed in order not to die, and maybe Tenco should change too.” Mentioning the festival, none of them seems to want to return to the Ariston Hotel right now. “I would never say that, but I’ve been there six times,” says Silvestri. “I’m happy to be there, but it seems that doing so is becoming more and more difficult.” “It’s another sport,” comments Fabi. And then in ten years? “At least Wembley Stadium.”

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