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5 games that will leave the catalog on January 15, 2023 –


We look forward to discovering the first batch of upcoming games PC and Xbox Game Pass In 2023, the service application has already been revealed Games that will leave the catalog the January 15, 2023. There are five in total and they include Nobody Saves the World and Pupperazzi.

Here’s the full list of titles ready to leave Game Pass in mid-January:

  • Anacrosis (preview) – PC, cloud, and console
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition – PC, Cloud, and Consoles
  • Nobody saves the world – PC, cloud and consoles
  • Pupperazzi – PC, Cloud and Console
  • Windjammers 2 – PC, Cloud, and Console

Image from the movie “Nobody Saves the World”

All of the aforementioned games will, as always, be available for purchase at 20% off (excluding the most advantageous Xbox Store offers) in the days leading up to removal from PC and Xbox Game Pass, which we remind you will be set for January 15, 2023. A choice, as always, is welcome. It is highly recommended if you intend to continue using one or more titles even after they are no longer available through the service’s catalog.

Given that games released from Game Pass have been revealed, those arriving in the first half of January 2023 will likely be announced in the afternoon, so stay tuned to our pages to see what’s new for subscribers.

Right now, there are already 44 games for PC and Xbox Game Pass confirmed for 2023 by Microsoft, here’s what they are.

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