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4K and 144Hz monitors designed for Xbox Series X |  S -

4K and 144Hz monitors designed for Xbox Series X | S –

AOC and MMD introduced the new monitors for the group Philips momentum: The 31.5 inch 279M1RV and the 329M1RV 32 INCH Designed for Xbox Series X | S at 4K at 120Hz, HDR, VRR, and 3 HDMI 2.1 ports.

The two models simultaneously expand and reduce the width of the Philips Momentum 55 (here is our review), abandoning the built-in speakers, but not 4K and 144Hz and not even the interactive Ambilight backlight.

Philips Momentum 329M1RV

Coming in November at RRP €999 for the smaller model and €1099 for the larger model, two high-end Philips monitors with Nano IPS panel have VRR technology with FreeSync Premium (only for 329M1RV), dipped into Xbox Series X | S is like the 55 inch model.

It also has 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, with support for HDR VESA Certified (HDR600 for the 279M1RV and HDR400 for the 279M1RV) and even improved Ambilight lighting compared to the living room model. The LEDs are obviously fewer but react at a faster speed, reproducing wall-light effects that mimic the images on the screen while keeping the tempo even with hectic games. The Philips Momentum 279M1RV is also compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync.

To stay on topic, AOC has introduced the new 27-inch AGON PRO line with three screens up to 240Hz, HDR support, and fast IPS panels.

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