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4800 EUR on arrival for families

4800 EUR on arrival for families

Good news coming for many families who will receive €4,800 by October. So let’s get into the details and see who is entitled to it.

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2020, without a doubt, is one of those years that we can hardly forget. Through the impact of the Covid virus, this virus has brought with it negative repercussions from the point of view of social relations and economic. Unfortunately, many people constantly find themselves having to make calculations in their pockets, before buying something, in order to avoid negatively affecting the family budget. While it is true that Money It does not guarantee happiness, on the other hand, it helps to solve a lot of problems.

It is therefore not surprising that many people turn their attention to the world of savings, in order to always have a few Euros available to draw upon in case of need. It is precisely in this context that the company plays an important role bank Which has always been the safest place to keep your money. However, things do not always go as hoped and in some cases we can end up with bad investments, capable of putting our money at risk. Unfortunately, some know this all too well Investors Those who find themselves losing every penny. Well, in that vein, the good news is coming with many families to pick them up by October 4.800 EUR. So let’s get into the details and see who is entitled to it.

Coming savings by October 4800 euros for families: what you need to know

Saving is getting more and more difficult, and the few who succeed still have various doubts, such as, for example, if It is preferable to deposit it in a bank or post office. If all this was not enough, to exacerbate the situation, some financial bubbles have impoverished investors, who also suffered fail from several banks.

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Between 2015 and 2018, we remember, the collapse of many medium-sized cooperative banks and with it also the savings of many small shareholders and bondholders. In this regard, with Law 145/2018, the government created a specific fund aimed at repaying part of these losses. Well, as it was known during a recent hearing in Parliament, Under Secretary Alessandra Sartor provided important information on this issue.

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In particular, it will be interesting to know that they are on their way by October 4800 euros for families. Money that will allow many families Receive at least part of the lost capital. To this end, the Ministry of Finance is finalizing the assessments and will reimburse the related costs in the coming weeks. On average, as mentioned earlier, transfers will be about 4800 euros, which is equivalent to 30% of the volatile capital.