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40 Years of the Space Shuttle - Faith and Reason

40 Years of the Space Shuttle – Faith and Reason

NASA, 40th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle: “Something Less Than a Miracle.”

NASA also remembers and celebrates with this video the 40th anniversary of the Space Shuttle, which first launched on April 12, 1981. NASA astronaut John Young and Bob Crippen aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

NASA explains on its Youtube channel that the shuttle was the first such shuttle: “a reusable vehicle for travel in low Earth orbit”, designed and developed in 10 years of operation.

Video The 40th anniversary of the Space Shuttle is nothing short of a miracle It also states that “the STS-1 mission was to demonstrate the possibility of safe launch in orbit and the safe return of the vehicle and crew and would verify the combined performance of the entire shuttle vehicle: orbits, solid rocket propellers, and external tanks.”

A trip that STS-1 mission commander John Young described himself as “nothing short of a miracle.” Its success marked the “beginning of a new era” for space exploration, which during the 30 years of the Space Shuttle program “has redefined what we know about life in the microgravity environment.”

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